Monday, March 5, 2012

Mommy's Book Shelf: An Owl's Whisper

Occasionally I get to read books other than juvenile fiction genre. An Owl's Whisper is a historical fiction I recently completed. If you enjoy books on Nazi Germany and German pies this book may interest to you.

This is a historical fiction based in 1940's Belgium during the height of World War II. The Nazi's recruited orphaned girls as spies and strategically placed them in 4 different countries. Eva, the main character, was placed in St. Sebastian, a convent school  ran by Mother Catherine. Eva was to report to a man, referred to as Uncle Henri, any suspicious activities that would be of interest to the Third Reich.. Eva makes many friends with the other students and begins to think of Mother Catherine as if she were her own mother. When Eva tells Henri of one of Mother Catherine's secrets the consequences are dire. As a result, she is given a new location and new assignment.

While Eva is in her new location, the American soldiers arrive in Belgium and successfully push back the German occupiers. An American GI, Stanley, courts Eva and falls madly in love with her. This gives Uncle Henri the opportunity to gain important information from Stanley that will help the Nazi's regain their foothold. Knowing Uncle Henri's plan, Eva struggles with the decision to remain loyal to the Third Reich or follow her heart.

This book combines historical fiction, murder mystery and romance. I really enjoyed this book. I tend to choose books on WWII that are told by the Jewish perspective so this was a bit different for me. I felt the book started out just a bit slow but once I read 2-3 chapters I was hooked. 

*Disclaimer This is not a children's book and I am not recommending this for children to read. This book does have language and content that is inappropriate for children. 

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