Friday, January 20, 2012

Immigrant Stories Challenge 2012: Charlotte's Rose

This year I'm participating in Immigrant Stories Challenge 2012.  My goal is to read 3 immigrant stories. Charlotte's Rose is a juvenile fiction. Charlotte, a 12 year old Mormon immigrant, travels with her father and 300 hundred other Mormons to America from Wales. Once their party reaches the port in Boston, they board a train for Iowa City. From here they walk while pushing handcarts, full of their belongings, to Salt Lake City, Utah.

When Young Mary Owens, a member of the company, dies after giving birth to a healthy baby girl and her husband refuses to care for the child, Charlotte volunteers to care for the baby and names her Rose. Charlotte realizes that caring for a baby is no easy task but by the end of her 65 day journey, she loves the child as her own and is forced to return the child to its father.

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