Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3: Excellence In Reading Challenge

We've read several books this week, unfortunately only one was from our reading challenge list. We are working on our Aesop Fables but have not completed it.

Other Books of Interest

Because of  the Chinese New Year being in January we have been reading some fun Chinese Tales. The Runaway Wok, is an excellent book about a poor Chinese family, who trade some eggs for a magic wok. You can read my review posted at Alexis World Traveler. I highly recommend this book.

We also read Yeh-Shen: A Chinese Cinderella. This story was written in 850 A.D. 1,000 years earlier than the European version, which we are most familiar with. Isn't that amazing?

We would love to know what you are reading this week. Use our linky below if you would like to share.


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