Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super-Fine Valentine (A Little Bill Book for Beginning Readers)

This book explores elementary school crushes and the sensitive feelings children have at such a young age. In this book Little Bill has a secret that he wants to tell the reader. It is Valentine's Day and Little Bill is smitten with a young lady in his classroom named Mia. Some of Little Bill's friends can see that he has a crush on Mia and begin to tease him. Little Bill struggles with his feelings, he likes Mia but he doesn't want to be teased by his friends.

In an effort to show Mia how he feels, Little Bill makes her a very special Valentine. He desperately wants to give Mia the Valentine but his friends are always nearby. Little Bill throws the Valentine away so he won't be embarrassed. In an attempt to encourage Little Bill, all of his friends give Mia a Valentine. When Little Bill sees this he gets his Valentine out of the trash and gives it to Mia. He learns that it is good to let someone know you like them.

I chose this book because my daughter is experiencing some of the same feelings as Little Bill. Young love comes and goes but a child's feelings are just as real as an adults and deserve to be treated with sensitivity and respect.


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