Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stone Soup and Lesson Plan

For our first book we decided to start with "Stone Soup." There are many different versions of the book so you can choose the one you like best. If you don't have the time to get the book I have added a video of Liz of The Story Reader reading Stone Soup by Marcia Brown. After reading Stone Soup do an activity with your child, I have listed some fun ideas below.

1. What would stone soup taste like without any vegetables?
2. Was it fair or unfair for the travelers to trick the villagers into adding their vegetables to the soup?
3. What is the lesson of this story?

Ask your child what they would put in stone soup. Have them make a grocery list of those items. 

Stone Soup Math

Give your child several grocery store newspaper insert flyers that you have collected. Tell them that they have  $20.00 to spend on groceries. Explain that they cannot go over the $20.00 limit, and that they will need to show their work. They will use their recipes to construct their grocery lists, then cut and glue the needed items on a piece of construction paper. Make sure they include the price on the picture, or write the price beside each item.

Lesson plans have been adapted from these free lesson plans below.

Make Your Own Stone Soup
Get out your stockpot and help your child make stone soup. You can even invite some friends over and asked them to bring some veggies along, to further enhance the lesson of sharing. Making this a group event will add to the excitement for your child.

Most of all have fun! If you have any of your own creative ideas tell us about them in a comment below.


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