Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life's Ups and Downs

Our family was struck with a mighty blow this last 2 weeks. Alexis and I, along with my mother, had plans to be in Lafayette the week of June 18 for a summer class offered by Purdue University. It was a class for 1st-2nd graders about learning to build a business. Unfortunately, two serious health matters thwarted our plans.

First, my father learned that his carotid arteries were severely blocked and he needed surgery asap. We decided at that time it would be best to cancel our Lafayette trip. Family always comes first and there will be other classes for Alexis in the future.

Then just a few days later, my 91 year old grandmother, who we care for, was ill. We noticed that she was having a lot of swelling in her face and legs and she was becoming more and more lethargic. On Friday, June 15, we took her to her doctor. The nurses were getting an extremely low pulse rate, so they did an EKG and her heart rate was only 24! From the EKG we also learned that the top part of her heart was not pumping, and only the bottom part was working. If she did not get a pacemaker asap she was going to die. It would only be a matter of time before her heart gave out and it was truly a miracle that she was still conscious at this point.

Grandma was immediately taken to the local hospital and from there she was place in a life line helicopter to a heart hospital an 90 miles away.

Grandma being loaded into the Life Line.

Grandma made it to the hospital where they immediately placed a temporary pacemaker. The following day she was given a permanent pacemaker. She was in the hospital for 4 nights and came home on Tuesday June 19. She has lost some mobility but is making progress every day. 

My father successfully made it through his surgery on June 21. The arteries are clogged on each side of his neck. The doctors can only perform the surgery on one artery at a time so in 7 weeks he will go back for the other surgery. We still have a long road ahead of us.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, this was one of those times when the whole world felt like it was crashing down on us. But, the good Lord was there watching over us and we are thankful for every day that he continues to bless our family.


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