Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quarantine, Book One: The Loners Review I found this book through another blogger and you can read that review at Books and Beyond .

Quarantine: The Loners by Lex Thomas isn't schedule for release until July 10 and will be the first book to be released in the trilogy. Two brothers, David and Will Thorpe, are not looking forward to the first day of school. David, the former varsity captain of the football team, is suffering from the deep depression over the death of his mother. While Will, a freshman, with epilepsy, is just finding new courage and self esteem.

An explosion takes place, within minutes of entering the school. David attempts to help a teacher to safety, suddenly the teacher is coughing up blood and dies. Confusion and chaos consumes the school, as the military quarantines everyone inside. The students of McKinley learn that they have been infected by a virus that makes them deadly to adults. Now the students must learn to survive on the routinely scheduled food drops provided. Students begin forming gangs in order to survive, but David and Will are loners and find themselves fighting for their lives.

My opinion of the book:
As an adult, I liked this book, yet I was disturbed by it at the same time. This book starts out with action and it ends with action. It was a very imaginative story and exciting from beginning to end. If you like gore, you will love this book and be left wanting more.

What disturbs me is this book  is categorized in the children's, teen and young adult genres rated for ages 14 & up. I really don't feel that this book is appropriate for young teens, because it is full of gruesome violence, profanities, sexual conduct, and alcoholic beverages. I would not recommend this book for young adults.


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