Thursday, April 5, 2012

Books For Grown Ups: Timecachers by Glenn R. Petrucci

Timecachers by Glenn R. Petrucci

Science fiction is not my preferred genre, in fact, I usually avoid most books that are categorized as science fiction. The fact that this book also was in the historical fiction category is what captivated me. .

In Timecachers four engineers, Adam, Tom, Sal, and Alice, are hired to study a new GPS device called LANav. The  new GPS uses a new technology which uses the star positioning instead of satellite positions to navigate. The developer of this GPS, Dr. Odan, informs Adam, the team leader, that some anomalies exists with the device that he believes involves a desparity in two different time frequencies. Unsure of what is causing these anomalies, Dr. Odan asks for Adam to gather a team of engineers to follow a time beacon located in Northwestern Georgia.

The team, Adam, Tom, Sal, and Alice begin their testing in the hopes that this new technology will help perpetuate their careers. Not knowing what they will find, the team reaches the beacon and suddenly they are standing face to face with John Carter, a Cherokee Indian. The team is confused and begin to realize nothing in the area looks the same as it did before. The roads have disappeared, the park, from where they embarked, no longer exists. 

Soon the team discovers that they have traveled in time to May of 1838, during the Cherokee Indian Removal and what becomes known as the Trail of Tears. The team is faced with the obstacle of finding their way back to the present day whilst make the best of their situation. The Indian, John Carter, believes that since they are time travelers they may be able to offer wisdom of the future to help the Cherokee people. 

The group splits up, each living with a different Cherokee family, to help where they are needed. Although the wisdom and help does not change the outcome of the Indian Removal of 1838, each life is touched dramatically by the events that unfold.

Reading this book I felt such a connection with the characters that it left me longing for more time travel adventures with Adam, Tom, Sal, and Alice. 

I'll give this one 4 out of 5 stars. It is quite long at 592 pages and it is not what I would call a page turner but I did enjoy it and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to read it. 

Note: The Timecachers ebook is available for $2.99 at Amazon.


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